Blogging Through Pope John XXIII: What is Worth Anything in God’s Sight?

am working on the next post in my Blogging Through Pope John XXIII series, but in lieu of a completed essay, here is a rather remarkable quote from Bishop Angelo Roncalli:

“What does it matter in any case, this little more or less that I can do in the service of Holy Church in my present ministry? Or even in other ministries which might be entrusted to me, but of which I do not and will not think; what is it all worth? In the eyes of God nothing more than the inner disposition of my soul, known to him even in secret; in the eyes of men, ‘a mist that appears for a little time’, often a snare and a delusion.” (p. 220)

Think of the political consequences of that position. Bishop Roncalli was writing that being President, Cardinal, Community Organizer, CEO, CFO, C-whatever-else-O, means nothing unless it is God’s will, and you are living in humble obedience to it.

He writes immediately after:

“When the Father’s voice was heard expressing his pleasure, Jesus had as yet done nothing in his life except live in obscurity, in silence and humble prayer, doing the humblest work. Oh what great comfort there is in this teaching!” (pg. 220)

One thought on “Blogging Through Pope John XXIII: What is Worth Anything in God’s Sight?

  1. Great point that the future pontiff makes. He truly was a humble man, much used by God.

    (Dr.) Joseph Atkinson

    “There is hope, faith, and healing in the family.”

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